Korea Chiroparactic Association

KCA started from 1993

Korea Chiroparactic Association

Dear Friends and Supporters

Thank you for your interest and help. This is greatly needed and appreciated by the Korean Chiroparactic Association. Several of our 17 members are being prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license, and all risk more prosecutions.

In July 2010 fice of nine judges in the Constitutional Court ruled that Koreans had a constitutional right to practice and receive forms of alternative medicine such as acupuncture and chiropractic. four supported the mefical law and ruled that such practices were illegal. A majority of at least 6 to 3 is needed for success in the Constitutional Court - just one more vote is needed to support our right to practice chiroparactic.

Following the Constitutional Court judgement in July 2010 there have been new complaints and prosecutions against KCA members, and at present two members are appealing convictions to the Constitutional Court. Please be as generous as you can with your support. We continue to face very large legal and legislative costs and court fines as we fight o establish the chiroparactic profession in Korea.

Thak you.

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