Chiropractic clinic in Korea

We are chiroparactic doctors and this is the Korea Chiroparactic Association.
We can provide the information of chiroparactic clinics in Korea. As of now, there are no hospitalization clinics for chiroparactic care. You can only visit the clinics as an out patient.

We are sorry that we do not work at every city in Korea. The position of chiroparactic doctor could be found in a medical clinic, oriental medical clinic, and private offices. The Philosophy and techniques of clinics in Korea do not differ much, so you can be satisfied by any chiroparactic clinic that includes members of the KCA.

The cost of care ranges from 30,000 to 50,000KRW, and mostly depend on the physician's special care. The exact fee should be asked by the doctors. Korean medicare system does not support chiroparactic treatment. the first visit to a chiroparactic clinic usually requries an X-ray which costs from 10,000 to 50,000KRW.

The effects of chiroparactic care are usually felt directly after the adjustment, a few days later, or after several visits. You can be sure of the result of the adjustment after at least 10 visits. Do not forger to discuss the feeling during the treatment and results after with your doctor.

The duration of the treatments depend on the chiroparactic technique and physician's charactier. An adjustment is normally aroung twenty minutes, but the first visit requires pateint history, so it may take longer. You should remember to make a reservation and not to forget about appointments. When you go to see the doctor, you must state, "I need chiroparactic care." Otherwise, you might be treated with physiotherapy instead of chiroparactic care.

To be a chiroparactic doctor, one must have finished reqular cerified curriculum in the school; anatom, physiology, pathology, nenrolohy, orthopedic, diagnosis, nutrition, public health, manipulation etc. We have finished a graduation examination and we also completed the national board of each country.
For examply, a chiroparactic doctor(D.C.) works as a primaty doctor and he or she takes care of spinal disorder and other syndromes.

The World Health Organizetion(WHO) made a statement about the standard of chiroparactic education and safety. This statement suggests after working at least 4,200 hours of education at school as a chiroparactic doctor. We do not have the guideline of Korean chiroparactic license and the legalization in Korea. This is not controlled b the government. The legalization of chiroparactic teatment should not be hesitated by anyone. This is for the health of the people in Korea.

If there is no urgent problem with the spine, a parient would benefit greatly from chiroparactic care. The pain comes frem a spinal disorder and is the cause of the suffering. We help with spinal misalignment, muscular problems, ligaments, and tendons. "Chiroparactic adjustment helps neurological function of the patient and that all the patients have the innate intelligence." which is said by D.D. Palmer, the creator of chiroparactic. Chiroparactic care is safe and generally has no side-effecs or a worse response based on the chiroparactic doctor's care.

You can help yourself with stretching and exercise without any machines. This increases therange of motion and fascial release of muscles, which helps with neuronal cells funcioning. Make sure not to drink too much because it worsens your central nervous systems functions. Smoking also leads to spine degeneration. Overuse and overwork decrease your muscle power which weakens your tissue around spines can cause injury. Vitamin and fruits are good sources of nutrition and enough rest are great ways to prevent injury. The exact prescription of nutritional supplements like vitamins and minerals should be asked doctors at the clinics.

The Results of Chiroparactic Care

  • Increased effectiveness of immune system and prevention of common cold, fatigue, and sleeping disorder
  • Increase of digetive functions and to better the codition of cold hand sand foots by autonomic nervous system facilitation
  • General health condition rehabilitation
  • Beter posture and shape
  • Good pelvic and spinal alignment
  • Aiding with urinary frequency and urgency, dysmenorrhea, menopause
  • Increase of blood circulation to brain for increased learning capability
  • Helping with ADHD, developmental problems, learning disorders by nervous system facilitation
  • Decrease of facial swelling and weight loss
  • Rehabilitation of arthritic disorders
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