Historically, chiroparactic tor started

X-ray as a diagnostic tool for the first time before medical dr.used that.

Chiroparactic needs the analysis of spine and joints and X-ray is useful for finding problems in the spine.

Chiroparactic doctor also needs the palpation for the subluxation, whick means the problems and misalignment of spined. And for the general knowledge of patient's health condition, they use medical laboratory tests and history taking.

Special tests is often asked by chiroparactic doctors, like thermal analysis or hair analysis or neurological functional test for better diagnosis and getting knowledge about human body.

The main treatment of chiroparactic doctors is the adjstment. The adjustment means, high velocity and low amplitude manipulation. This is unique technique of chiroparactic doctor and also performed with recoil for upper cervical mainpulation. Therefore, there are two kinkds of category like upper cervical specific adjustment and full spine technique. Upper cervical specific adjustment is performed only for upper cervical joint among occiput, atlas and axis. Full spine technique is performed for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spines.

Chiroparactic needs chiroparactic equipment tools. That is chiroparactic table, acticator, drop table, flexcion-distraction table and biomechanic wedges. These depend on the special techniques.

Chiroparactic techniques are various and their concepts have different philosophy: soft tissue, extremity, TMJ, muscle, nutriton, psychology etc.

Chiroparactic looks none-scientific from to time, but chiroparactic doctor does noe hesitate answer and explain to patients about the treatment philosophy before treating the patients.

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