Chiroparactic came from

Uunited states of America.

Dr.Seo and Dr.Song

Chiroparactic needs hands and manipulation, so it looks like the martial arts of Korea or China, but that kind of special manipulation based on neurology was settled in USA. Almost same time, there were many kinds of manipulative therapy. There were osteopathy, epitherapie, craniotherapy etc.. And there was also manipulative technique in Greece and China long time ago.

But most important thing is that that kind of manipulative technique was systemtized by researchers and doctors in USA. That id chiroparactic.

In the literature, the first Korean chiroparactic doctor was Dukgeun Chung. He opened chiroparactic clinic in San Francisco in 1946. He did not come back to Korea, and he stayed longer in USA. In the chiroparactic history of USA, Dr.suh did a great job. He graduated Seoul national university and he finished Ph.D in Berkeley for the biomechanics. He had worked as a professor at department of medicine in Colorado university. He worked for the chiroparactic science and he spent all his years for the research and scientific works of chiroparactic.

One of famous Korean doctor is Dr.Oh. He graduated Palmer chiroparactic College in 1967. And he opened his clinic in Los Angeles. Many famus Koran people visited his clinic and thy were treated with chiroparactic.

Dr.Suh helped to held the international chiroparactic meeting in Seoul in 1984. And then the first chiroparactic clinic was opened at Daegu college, where the proferssors of Life university and they worked together with provincial community hospitals near the clinic. Korean representative sportsmen were treated with chiroparactic in Seoul Military Sports Center. This was the first step to be known to physical education in Korea and there were several lectures at the department of physical education in the colleges.

Dr.Suh helped Korean students to study at chiroparactic colleges and they came back to Korea in late 1980s. And chiroparactic was heard in Korean society. And some students went to USA. Some medical doctors wanted to study chiroparactic and there were several pricate seminar in the private institutes.

Many people enrolled chiroparactic seminar in continuing education center of colleges and the lectiures was also opened at colleges. The number of population was increased, like medical doctors, chinese medical doctors, physiotherapists. Chiroparactic also came frome Japan, and they taught general people to manipulate. Some kinds of therapy cited chiroparactic texhnique without knowing of chiroparactic.

Temporo-manidubular Joint dysfunction was also known by chiroparactic doctors. Like this, chiroparactic spread its biomechanical importance of human body in Korea. One of famous technique seminar is Applied Kinesiology. After starting the seminar, almost 1,000 doctors from biomedicine, oriental medicine and dental medicine studied. And they were cerified after finishing the seminars.

Before this seminar, there was chiroparactic Neurology seminar. Many medical specialists wanted to listened to the technique and knowledge. Korean traditional medical doctors wanted to introduce chiroparactic manipulative technique to their clinics and they liked Thompson Drop Table and Leander Table.

But this kind of chiroparactic technique seminar made chiroparactic situation worse in Korea. Some of medical doctor and Korean Traditional Medical Doctor tried to introduce chiroparactic to Korea, but they did not wand to open their jobs and share the chiroparactic treatment with chiroparactic doctors.

At last, Korean government allowed only medical docor could practice chiroparactic manipulative technique and Korean Traditional Medical Doctor changed its name of chiroparactic as Chu-Na therapy.