Korea Chiroparactic Association

KCA started from 1993

Korea Chiroparactic Association

The first members registered KCA at World Federation of Chiroparactic, WFC. The number of members is 113 in 2010.

The first president of KCA is Dr.song. He greaduated Palmer Chiroparactic College and he came back to Korea and opened his clinic at Shilim in Seoul. He treated many patients and many people knew chiroparactic through Dr.Song and he urged to study chiroparactic in USA.

Although he could be famous as a doctor, he could not work any more. He was sued by other doctors nearby and the police captivated him. His life was so stressful that he got a stomach cancer and died of it.

At first time, whoever wanted to study chiroparactic should go to USA. But Korean Chiroparactic Program was started by Hanseo university of Korea and RMIT university of Australia. And Hanseo university sent their students to Bridgeport university in Boston, now the chiroparactic program of Hanseo university is certified by CCEA. KCA accepted Hanseo program as a certified one and all graduates can register as a member of KCA.

The life of member is not easy. Even now still many doctors are thinking going back to USA and some doctors should be sued by the officers. Some doctors went to USA or Australia. And other doctors ane still struggling to make the law of chiroparactic in Korea and still practicing chiroparactic for the patients in Korea.

KCA has used the internet board and homepage for communication of members in Korea and foreign countries. Now patients and future sucdents get the infomation of chiroparactic and doctors. KCA gives the idea and shares the chiroparactic health with people in Korea.

KCA members are still studying through continuing education program. KCA members should spend 16 hours during 2 years. This is the condition for renewal of licence. And this is the minimum attitude as a good chiroparactic in Korea.